How to Fall in Love with Bangladesh

You might be asking yourself, “Why Bangladesh?”  You might be wondering, “Where is Bangladesh? I have never heard of this place!”  You might be thinking, “Why would I go there and what would we do?”  These are great questions and I am so glad you asked!

Surrounded by India on all sides, Bangladesh is the size of the state of Iowa.  Home to 158 million people, the country is half the population size of the U.S.  Resources are scarce and poverty is an unavoidable reality for millions.  Society and folk religion combine to make people believe that God wants them to stay poor.  Lack of knowledge results in children not attending school, illnesses go untreated, corruption and injustice go unchallenged.  Spiritual hunger is every where and people are searching for the truth, yet do not know what they need.

Learning and Savings Groups – An Investment into the Human Mind

The poor of Bangladesh do not need sympathy, but partnership.  Through FH in Bangladesh we do not give handouts.  We run programs that give people hope for the future and the skills to develop themselves.  At the heart of this are the women’s Savings and Learning Groups.  Previously illiterate women become community leaders, pioneering independent community-based organizations, and pull themselves out of poverty.  Women learn to read, write and lessons on health, law and income generating activities.

Our vision is to see thousands of oppressed Bangladeshi women journey out of poverty and despair to hope for the future.  FH helps the poorest women in Bangladesh to discover their God given potential, restore their dignity and rise to their rightful place in their family and the community.

What Participants are Saying

“This is the first year that none of us have been hungry.”

“Before, many of our children got diarrhea and some died.  But now we know how to avoid and treat this illness.”

Join the Team – A Call to Advocacy

On February 18-26, 2011, a team will be traveling to Bangladesh to witness these life changing Learning and Savings groups.  We extend this invitation to those passionate individuals who will return to the states with a vision of creativity and initiative to raise support for the program and its participants.  If you have influence in your network, the ability and desire to inspire others to stand with the oppressed and overlooked, then this trip is for you!  Contact Asia Field Liaison Heidi Hatch or visit our website.

About Heidi Heinrich

Heidi Heinrich, church relationship manager for Food for the Hungry's community-to-community (C2C) program, got her start with Food for the Hungry as a volunteer. She began promoting child sponsorship after being incredibly moved to "just do something" about the poverty she had seen while serving internationally on a team. A mother of two adult children who are pursuing their life's work in serving the poor, Heidi attributes their passion to the impression made through child sponsorship. "It has been a journey." she says, "It all began by sponsoring a child in Bangladesh that led to serving on a team. I am very grateful for the experiences God has given me through sponsorship." She also enjoys art and music, and she is finishing her degree in Human Development through Hope International University.

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