New lives for child mothers

Since beginning at FH a little over four years ago, I’ve had the incredible privilege of visiting many of the fields in which we work. Some have left a deeper impression on me than others, and the New Life Center in Northern Uganda is definitely one of those places. Let me tell you why.

At FH, we talk a lot about wholistic transformational development — that is, addressing all forms of human poverty at once: physical, spiritual, emotional, social poverty…. We recognize that behind the marginalization or oppression of a gender, group or ethnicity is a whole web of lies about who those people are, how much they are worth, their potential for success, and so on.

Ideas shape lives, and people are complex…so, solutions to poverty must also be all-encompassing.

This makes sense to me, and that’s why I work here. Seeing this philosophy in practice at the New Life Center cemented for me its legitimacy.

At the New Life Center, the whole person is cared for at once. I’ll show you how, visually, over the next several posts.

Our staff in Northern Uganda are trained to identify young women (mostly “child mothers” — children who also are mothers) who are deeply depressed or in need of immediate help. These may be victims of abduction and forced servitude in recent years or victims of domestic violence in their own homes. The child mothers and their little ones are invited by our staff to live at the Center for eight weeks. This report on a child mother made me think how “poverty” isn’t always visible; maybe some of the worst kinds of human poverty can’t be seen.
Inside this compound, dozens of child mothers finally will find enough safety to address their past and current circumstances in community with other young women. They will receive Bible-based counsel, skills training, education, medical care and a unique chance to begin a new life.

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