What it’s like to fight for clean water

I mentioned in the last blog post how FH works in some pretty harsh places — harsh especially when it comes to finding a steady source of clean water. Even for expert scientists and engineers, an endeavor like this can be messy, laborious and frustrating.

In September, our friends at charity:water celebrated their fourth birthday. They’ve installed more than 3,000 water projects in those four years, and you could say they know what they’re doing. But in a special, live broadcast from the Central African Republic (CAR) on September 7, they showed how complicated getting access to safe water can be. I really appreciate their transparency in this and think you will, too….

One of the obstacles in that community in the CAR is the prevalence of sand beneath the surface. In Sololo, where FH works, solid rock underground is the issue, requiring community members and engineers to think creatively. In the next post, I’ll share one detailed plan for providing clean water to the people of Sololo.

Watch other charity:water videos to see more, very real technical challenges to this work, and witness the joy brought by a successful drilling!