Current facts about South Sudan on this historical day

Today — January 9, 2011 — is a historical day for South Sudan because it may lead to the independence of the South from the North, following Africa’s longest civil war. South Sudanese adults around the world will proudly cast their votes between today and January 15 in this referendum which resulted from a comprehensive peace agreement signed between the two sides in 2005.
Here are some quick facts about South Sudan, compiled recently by Relief Web. Later this week, we’ll focus on education in South Sudan and what FH is doing to address many of the issues listed below.


  • Less than 50 percent of the population has access to improved drinking water.
  • Only 6.4 percent of the population has access to improved sanitation facilities (toilets/latrines).


  • Less than 50 percent of all children receive 5 years of primary-school education.
  • While 1.3 million children are enrolled, only 1.9 percent complete primary-school education.
  • For every 1,000 primary-school students, there is only one teacher.
  • 85 percent of adults do not know how to read or write.

Gender-based injustice

  • 92 percent of women cannot read or write.
  • Only 27 percent of girls are attending primary school.
  • A 15 year-old girl has a higher chance of dying in childbirth than of completing school.


  • About 45 percent of people know about HIV, but only 8 percent know how to prevent it.
  • More than 70 percent of women aged 15-49 have no knowledge about HIV prevention.
By joining Poverty 180, you can help change these statistics in Sudan and in many other countries around the world.

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