Letter From Japan

The letter below was written by a Japanese pastor and given to the Director of Japanese International Food for the Hungry.


Report provided by Rev. Akira Sato of Fukushima First Baptist Church (written/translated by Dr. Eisuke Kanda)

Thank you for your prayers.

At midnight of March 15, my wife and I headed for the north with a truckload of relief goods.

The police graciously gave us special permission to buy gasoline after hearing our story.

On the way, as we saw shops, we bought anything we could buy.

On the way, we saw the road sinking and many houses broken down.

The radio was warning us not to go close to nuclear plants as they had exploded again.

But we decided go ahead anyway.

It took us 10 hours but we finally arrived at one of our churches(Aizu…mountainside of Fukushima) that we are using as an emergency shelter.


About 60(one third of our members) who came here to escape from the Tsunami, joined us after they were examined for radiation levels.

Soon after they joined, we held a worship service.

I heard many people sobbing…they must have gone through difficult times.

Many of us told to each other, “we are alive.”

Our life as gypsies has just begun.

As many of them came here with only what they were wearing, there were nothing to wash.

Some came here without eating or drinking.

60 of us started living together, old and young .

The first things we need to obtain now are water and oil

I feel like Moses with the people of Israel in the desert.

We tentatively decided to go further north to Yonezawa, Yamagata prefecture.

We are so thankful to them as they welcomed us as refugees.

Lord, protect this flock of yours and remnants who were scattered all over.

Continue to lift up the Japanese church in prayer.  Food for the Hungry is responding with food, supplies, tarps and basic necessities.  Please consider supporting our work today.

Japanese International Food for the Hungry staff member witnessing the destruction.  Support Japan Relief Today.

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