We need you to…Fast and Pray TODAY.

Today our elected officials are debating the US budget.  Please join with Food for the Hungry in praying for our elected officials and standing with the most vulnerable people in the world.

Ambassador Tony Hall began an open-ended fast in response to Congress’ proposed budget cuts targeting vulnerable people in America and around the world on March 28, 2011. He will be joined by others, with the vision of forming a circle of protection around programs that most directly benefit vulnerable people. We invite you to join him in an act of personal sacrifice during this time — from March 28 until April 24, 2011. While not everyone may feel called to fasting, you will find a couple of ideas for participation below, ranging from various levels of fasting, to prayer, or even challenging yourself to live on less!

Yes! I will support this effort by committing to:

PRAY: Commit to reflection and prayer at least once per week for the Hunger Fast and for those who will be hurt by Congress’ proposed budget cuts.

FAST: Participate in the Hunger Fast by skipping a meal every day, abstaining from solid food one day per week, or forgoing solid food altogether.

LIVE ON LESS: Stand with 2.1 billion people who survive on less that $2 per day by limiting your food consumption to $2 daily. Or take the food stamp challenge at $4 per day. More information available on the HungerFast website: http://hungerfast.org/get-involved

 It isn’t too late.  JOIN us TODAY!

To Join Food for the Hungry, and organizations across the nation, sign up at: http://hungerfast.org/get-involved

Watch the press conference video: http://hungerfast.org/03/watch-the-hungerfast-org-launch-video
Learn more: http://hungerfast.org/03/what-is-hungerfast-org

About Brittani Curtis

I joined Food for the Hungry in 2008 and haven't stopped learning! I am passionate about seeing people around the world (here, there and everywhere) fulfill their God-given potential. And, on good days and bad days, I cling to the promise of Revelation 20, in which Christ declares that HE will make all things new!