What’s better than building a classroom for kids who desperately need it?

What is better than going into a community, finding 130 elementary-school students crammed together under deteriorating roofs, and building them brand-new classrooms? 

Answer: Walking alongside that community’s leaders and families, providing encouragement and strategic support as they build their own classrooms.

FH helps communities in extreme poverty access the resources needed to lift themselves out of poverty for generations to come.

In Nicaragua, and especially in its peri-urban communities like El Limonal,

But a Nicaraguan rotary club took it upon itself to provide a much-needed classroom for the 130 students mentioned above.

“These classrooms are a big step forward for education in El Limonal,” says Nathan Sandahl, programs director for FH/Nicaragua. “While there is a school in the next neighborhood, the children have to walk along the road that leads to the city trash dump and is often flooded by a broken sewage pipe.”

Photo credit: S. Martinez, La Prensa
Fifty-two students will move into this new room thanks to a generous financial donation from the rotary club, manual labor from the citizens of El Limonal, and special guidance from FH.

FH helped behind the scenes — arranging a topography study in order to get the land approved for construction, coordinating with local leadership, and encouraging the local community members to physically participate in the classroom’s construction.

Photo credit: S. Martinez, La Prensa
A representative from Nicaragua’s Ministry of Education joined the community in celebrating the new building and committed to conserving it while helping improve education as a whole.

Next steps are to furnish this classroom and build more new rooms so all the children can study in safe, well-equipped spaces.

“These classrooms will greatly increase the effectiveness of the teaching as well as motivate the teachers to improve their work with the children,” says Sandahl.

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