Celebrating World Water Week

If you’re really into following water issues around the world, you probably already know this week isWorld Water Week: a gathering of more than 2,600 humanitarians and policymakers in Stockholm, Sweden.

They’ll be discussing ideas for sustainable, long-term solutions to modern issues like water scarcity and access to sanitation, particularly in urban environments.

The goal is to help improve life for almost 900 million people
who don’t have access to safe water, and more than 2.7 million
who can’t access basic sanitation (UN Development Programme).
This photo is from Ethiopia.

Soak it up
Can’t make it to Sweden this week? You can be part of World Water Week from right there at your computer. Watch video clips from seminars or interviews with WWW participantsfind out which countries use the most water (you might be surprised!), browse their Flickr photos, or follow #wwweek on Twitter to really feel like you’re there.

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