What do actress Anne Hathaway and this Kenyan armed guard have in common?

They each have different genders, different skin colors, different languages, and very different day-to-day lives. But both Anne Hathaway and the armed guard below know that women and girls in Northern Kenya are in danger–they desperately need to be protected, especially during this time of extreme drought.

This man stands guard as women and girls in search of water cross the
Because of the drought, they are forced to walk further and further from home in order to find water, putting themselves at great risk of being robbed,
raped and even kidnapped along the way.
This photo was taken on July 1, 2011 by FH staff member Sammy Labarakwe.

Last week, Anne Hathaway co-wrote an article about the Horn of Africa, saying “girls and women fleeing the devastation are more worried about rape than water.”

Anne Hathaway (in white shirt) visited Ethiopia.

In the article, she cited results from a study done by the U.K.’s Department for International Development. When 100 women and girls in the Dadaab refugee camp were asked to identify their primary concerns, most said it was to avoid rape and kidnapping.

What can be done about it?
FH actively protects and empowers women worldwide through a myriad of programs tailored for each unique culture and context. FH employs women in the field to demonstrate their ability and worth, income-generating activities often are geared intentionally toward women, girls are encouraged and enabled to stay in school, child marriage is discouraged, and FH also makes a point to meet women’s water, sanitation and hygienic needs in emergency situations.

To support this work in a practical way, please consider joining Poverty 180’s gender-based injustice cause for only $9 a month!

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