What clean water means to me — from Ethiopia

Last month, we published a story from Ethiopia about 22 clean-water points constructed in the district of Sasiga.

52-year-old Adde Nadi is one of the many who now enjoys clean water close to home, thanks to the construction of a protected spring just 15 minutes away by foot. Adde Nadi desperately needed this new protected spring because she is chronically ill and found herself increasingly unable to carry her 44-pound jerrycan for the long distances she used to.

This spring has changed her life.

“It took me three hours to get only one jerrycan of water. I had to wait in
a long line to get water from a very small and unprotected water source.
It was very stressful. Now, not only do I walk only 15 minutes to find water,
but I get it from a secured source. Praise the Lord!
God bless those who developed this spring.”
-Adde Nadi (above)

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