Are you full?

When was the last time you said “I’m full!” after a meal?  On Thanksgiving Day?  After lunch on Sunday?  What about after breakfast this morning?

It can be easy to equate feeling “full” with eating too much; making the statement “I’m full” more of a sign of distress than satisfaction.  However, there are many children around the world who long to feel ‘full.’ Miguel Angel, 15, lives in Bolivia with his father, mother, and three sisters. Before Food for the Hungry came to their community, Miguel Angel’s family was not able to support themselves on their small farm. They were hungry all of the time. Miguel was so hungry that he had trouble focusing in school, making it hard to learn.

Then FH came to their community. Food for the Hungry staff taught Miguel’s parents new farming techniques that helped their little farm produce more than it had in the past.  The farm now feeds the entire family, so no one goes to bed hungry.  The farm is producing so much that Miguel’s parents sell produce to their neighbors.  They use their new income to send all of their children to school.  Miguel’s future looks bright-and his stomach is full!

As you reflect on your blessings,
consider making a difference in the life of a vulnerable child like Miguel.
This Fall, over 90 Food for the Hungry staff and friends participated in the first annual FH World Sports5K, to help eradicate extreme poverty.  The group raised over $8,000.00 in a few short weeks.  Food for the Hungry will use the funds that were raised to support staff and programs, such as the organic farming program that Miguel’s family participated in.

By joining with FH World Sports, you are helping end hunger for vulnerable people–like Miguel Angel and his family–around the world.

Join us today!

On the FH World Sports website you will learn more about how to get involved; we’ll even show you how to set up your own page!  Learn more at or contact the FH World Sports team at:

About Brittani Curtis

I joined Food for the Hungry in 2008 and haven't stopped learning! I am passionate about seeing people around the world (here, there and everywhere) fulfill their God-given potential. And, on good days and bad days, I cling to the promise of Revelation 20, in which Christ declares that HE will make all things new!