BACK TO HAITI — Pushing back AIDS in the midst of an emergency

As the second anniversary of Haiti's massive earthquake approaches (Jan. 12), we're taking a look at the work God accomplished through Food for the Hungry in the past year.


This time last year, we reported how the earthquake made way for more HIV infections in Haiti because attention to HIV prevention and care was diverted in the face of the emergency.

Since then, FH has made some big strides in caring for AIDS victims and helping uninfected people protect themselves. One strategy is to partner with local hospitals; hospitals refer HIV-positive patients to FH for follow-up care and counseling.

These statistics are from October 2010 to September 2011.

46,085 people were informed about how to protect themselves and others from HIV.

733 people living with HIV/AIDS were enrolled in FH's program and served by FH staff. *Read about how FH compassionately cares for AIDS victims in Haiti*

Mickelle Luxmae, an FH staff member, visits this couple living with HIV/AIDS weekly to bring emotional support and other needed items, like vitamins, to support their immune systems. 

287 people were tested for HIV and received their results and follow-up counseling in partnership with 3 health facilities run by local hospitals.

100 children with HIV-positive parents had their schooling paid for by FH.

16 HIV-positive people supported by FH graduated from cosmetology school, empowering them to support themselves through this work. *Read Michelle's story*

HIV-positive people learned to read and write through FH-supported literacy classes.

1,274 orphans and vulnerable children were enrolled in FH's program and served by FH staff. *Read about how FH cared for a double orphan in Kenya*

5,523 parents and 3,166 community and church leaders were educated on the vulnerability of sexually active youth to contract HIV.

20 HIV-positive, expectant mothers were enrolled in FH’s programs to prevent mother-to-child transmission. An additional 10 pregnant (but uninfected) mothers were equipped to spread messages to other women about such prevention methods.*Read about how this is done*

With a spirit of staunch resilience and in collaboration with FH, Haitians have made many great strides in the past year, but there is much yet to be done. To join the reconstruction and help strengthen Haitian families and children, please consider joining Poverty 180.


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