Hope comes in the form of a 13-year-old boy

Many years ago, the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy to encourage him in his leadership of other believers. “Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers…” he said (1 Timothy 4:12). Today, a young man in the Philippines is setting an example for his peers through his persistence in school and his big dreams for the future.

This story from our FH/Philippines staff reminds us that every child, rich or poor, is created with potential and a hopeful future….

     Being the third of six kids, 13-year-old Virgel has set the standards high for his family. An intelligent young valedictorian who has endured so much at a young age, Virgel has definitely not stopped dreaming about the future.

Virgel lives in this house with his parents and five siblings.

     He is a young man who doesn't have much but holds his head up high and is always looking for somewhere to help. After overcoming a disastrous typhoon and his father catching appendicitis, he as a person has become stronger for enduring those though times.

     When asked who his role model is, Virgel replied with confidence, “My parents, because even though they aren't around, I know that they are working hard for our family.” If you would have asked that question to any other kid, I'm sure their role model would have been a movie star.

There is such a humility about Virgel that one cannot forget. “Keep your feet on the ground, always be humble, and pray to God” was Virgel's advice to his fellow classmates.

     So what does he want to do when he grows up? “I want to be the best news reporter in the world after graduating from the University of the Philippines,” he said with confidence.

     During the whole interview, he talked about being the best he could be. Virgel wants the most out of life, and his eyes lighted up as he talked about his goal of learning about the conditions of those who are also less fortunate.

     Where would Virgel be if it weren't for the sponsorship program at FH? “It would be really hard to finish school, because FH helps with supplies and whenever else needed,” commented Virgel.

     How many other Virgels out there do we pass by because we see their situations and think there is no hope?

Virgel is a testimony to his community to always be the best no matter what your situation is. “I would like to thank my sponsors, because I wouldn't be in this position without them; and one day, I hope to help someone like my sponsors have helped me,” says Virgel.


      And so again, I ask this question: How many Virgels have you passed on the street with so much potential, and what have you done about it?


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