HIV education not only saves lives — it strengthens marriages

When FH teaches married couples about marital faithfulness as a way to protect oneself from HIV, other wonderful results often pop up.

Here is testimony from a man in Mozambique who, along with his wife, participated in FH's prevention programs which include lessons on non-verbal communication, conflict resolution and child rearing.

 From left: Antonio and his wife, Vistoria, have been married 20 years. 

My name is António Alberto. I'm 43 years old and married to Vistoria Manejo who is 33 years old. We have a 17-year-old son.

Our story is interesting because, as a leader in my community, it was difficult to be happy in my family.

I didn't accept my wife's opinion because, for me, a real man has authority and doesn't listen to his wife's opinion. She is supposed to care for the children and stay at home. But what bothered me is that my wife never seemed to be happy. 

One day, we were selected to participate in a faithfulness training. In the beginning, it was difficult to understand the objective, but eventually, I realized that communication is a very important thing for couples.

For 19 years, my wife didn't know my salary. But today, we have good communication, and I learned that if someone has more than one sexual partner, it's an added vulnerability for HIV and AIDS.

Today, my family is very happy and has a strong rejuvenation of our love. My wife is a great companion, and we feel free as best friends do. 


And as a community leader, I'm transmitting my experience to the married youth as a way to help them have good relationships with their partners. For that, I thank all for your efforts to improve the lives of couples.


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