FH embarks on aggressive campaign to prevent child sexual abuse in the Philippines

In 2008, FH began a partnership with the Stairway Foundation, Inc. (SFI) which defends vulnerable children in the Philippines from various kinds of mistreatment. This past year, FH joined SFI's Break the Silence project to identify and equip a national network of individuals, communities and organizations committed to preventing and treating sexual abuse against children.

FH's area of coverage is pinpointed on this map of the Philippines, along with several other organizations participating in Break the Silence.
FH is actively looking for more partners to serve in Metro Manila
and other cities in Luzon.

A main goal of the program is to empower children to protect themselves while empowering caregivers to protect their children.

While both boys and girls can be victims of sexual abuse, girls are more at risk because they are the physically weaker sex, says Glenda-Mae Bulos, one of the FH staff members dedicated to the Break the Silence project.

In 2009, the Women and Children Protection Unit of the Philippines National Police reported 3,233 cases of child sexual abuse,
97 percent of which were against females.

Bulos says simply talking to children and their caregivers about how to identify and prevent child sexual abuse can be cheaper and just as effective as other methods, like those outlined in our last post on gender-based injustice.


Using this principle, FH has identified five other non-governmental organizations as partners in Break the Silence. FH will use training materials from SFI to coach and mentor those five organizations to be powerful advocates for children in their various communities.

On February 8 and 9 of this year, a chief officer from Women and Children Police Desk, an FH partner, spoke to a group of community members about child sexual abuse.

Training materials include animated videos adapted from true stories. “A Good Boy” depicts the crime of pedophilia, “Daughter” broaches the subject of incest, and “Red Leaves Falling” exposes sex trafficking.

To join FH's fight against the exploitation of children worldwide, please consider joining Poverty 180's gender-based injustice cause for only $9/month.


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