Sustaining communities and forests at the same time

In one of the driest parts of Kenya, FH helped people in one community gain better access to clean water while, at the same time, protecting the environment on which their very lives depend.


Years ago, the Arapal community settled on Kulal mountain, right in the middle of the forest next to a freshwater spring. The presence of this community quickly began to destroy the forest as trees were cut down and the land was degraded. This deforestation not only prevents trees from soaking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; it also makes the volcanic soil less stable and more prone to flooding and slip erosion.

When FH talked with community leaders about the devastation and its consequences, the leaders said they had no other way to get water except from that one spring. But after a little brainstorming and much discussion, “jointly, a way forward was reached,” our staff in Kenya say.

Members of the Arapal community provided the labor, and FH and Blood:Water Mission worked together to fund and implement a way for these families to move off the mountain and still have clean water.

The freshwater spring on Mt. Kulal was covered to preserve the purity of the water.

The water was piped about seven miles from the source to a storage tank at Arapal's new settlement.

People aren't the only ones in Arapal benefiting from a steady supply of fresh water.

New latrines and a hand-washing station are increasing the physical health of the Arapal community.

The controlled water source also has made gardening possible, leading to better nutrition for children and their families!

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