One in three people lives without a toilet

Some people consider toilets dirty — their germs dangerous. But others see them as icons of health that actually save lives.

Today, a full 36 percent of the world's population lives without a toilet, says the newest data from theWorld Health Organization. That's one in three.

This lack of sanitation is the primary cause of diarrhea which now is the single biggest killer of children under age 5 in Sub-Saharan Africa. Even this simple pit latrine in Ethiopia can save lives.

If even half of the 36 percent could get regular access to a toilet, thousands of children would be spared from death every year — 400,000 between now and the year 2015.

FH and those who support Poverty 180's clean-water cause know that clean water is about more than wells and drinking water; it's also about sanitation (like toilets or latrines) and hygiene (like hand washing).

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