Turning Fears Into Prayers – #fhbloggers #ethiopia post series

ALECE RONZINO: A New Yorker changed by Africa. Alece is the founder of #OneWord365 and a communications coach for non-profits. She blogs candidly about searching for God in the question marks of life & faith.

Alece is a close personal friend, one of the #fhbloggers that will be writing on the upcoming trip to Ethiopia, and one of the most inspiring and community building bloggers that I know. She not only has a way with words, but also has a way with engaging a tribe in conversation. You’ll truly love following Alece’s blog during this trip, as you’ll not only be extremely inspired by the stories she tells, but also by the way that she’ll engage you in conversation and before you know it you’ll be a changed person for the better. I’m also honored to be co-leading this trip with her, as it would not be what it is without her. Enjoy her post below as she prepares for this trip coming up.

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When it hits me that I leave for Ethiopia in just a week, my eyes widen.

My mind starts spinning, generating all kinds of to-do lists that I’ll hopefully write down at some point: things I need to buy, things I need to pack, things I need to do before I leave. And my heart? My heart does a somersault or two.

Anticipation and anxiety have been vying for equal space in my heart. I’ve gotta be honest… I’ve really been battling with my insecurity BIG time the past few weeks. The other bloggers going on this trip are incredible, strong, amazing women, and I am so looking forward to getting to know them. But I feel way out of my league here.

I worry about stupid things like being liked, fitting in, and making friends (Middle School Syndrome?). I fear not being able to write anything of value as we blog from the field, especially compared to the artful, gifted prose of the other writers. (Comparison is a soul killer.)

I am trying to be more intentional about turning each fear into a prayer, surrendering all my What-Ifs to the One who knows all.

Because this trip isn’t at all about me. It’s not about fitting in or writing something that measures up to someone else. It’s about God and the amazing work He’s already doing. And I’m on this journey to see what He’s up to.

In Ethiopia. And in me.

I hope you’ll journey with me so we can experience God at work together.

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Please also keep me and my travel companions in your prayers: for health and safety, and for our hearts to be open to embracing all God has for us. And pray for the beautiful people of Ethiopia and the FH staff who serve tirelessly there.




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