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LINDSEY NOBLES: Lindsey, a native Texan, a habitual twitterer, sporadic blogger, and conference enthusiast, has recently joined the Food for the Hungry team as Director of Speakers and Strategic Partnerships. She is passionate about mobilizing others to go to the hard places and bring hope and help to the children.

Last of the bloggers, but definitely not least, the newest addition to the #fhbloggers is my good friend and church mate, Lindsey. A feisty (yet wise) Texan that prefers a solid handshake over a wimpy one (inside joke – ask her about it sometime), she is a friend to many and is influential beyond belief. I’m so honored to now serve along side of Lindsey with the ministry of FH and dream up new ways of how we can continue to be a voice to those that do not have one. I’m so glad to have you on board with us, my friend!

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I’m listening to Toto as I write this post. Don’t judge me. It’s a great song. 

In 13 days, we leave for Africa. I know Africa might be old hat for some of you. But for me, it’s new. Brand new. A clean slate. What I know about Africa, I learned from Toto. And Sally Struthers. And National Geographic. And Bono. And most recently, from Food for the Hungry.

In 13 days, we leave for Africa. I am intentionally not asking a lot of questions about the place, or the trip, or the people. I don’t want to fill my head with any more images or statistics. I want to see. I want to feel. And I want to know Africa intimately.

In 13 days, we leave for Africa. I am pretty sure that this will be the trip where I fall in love. {No, not like that. Sorry, Bianca.} I already seriously crushing on FH {what everyone around here affectionately  calls Food for the Hungry.} But on this trip, I anticipate I am going to fall deeply, madly, and whole-heartedly in love with this organization. So I will go ahead and apologize, if I blush and gush and go on and on about the work we do. Please just promise to nod and act interested and I promise I will extend the same courtesy to you when your heart is stolen away from you.

In 13 days, we leave for Africa. I will be traveling with an incredible group of bloggers. Some are old friends. Some are new friends. But they are all, each and every one, worth following in their own right. Do yourself a favor and go spend some time to get to know Alece, Alli, Alysa, Kristen, Emily, David and Daniel.

In 13 days, we leave for Africa. Sponsor a child. Tell your friends. Add the below banners to your blog. Pray for us.  And please follow along on our journey. 




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