Examine Yourself

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been walking with Jesus for almost ten years. I was 17 years old when I prayed a simple prayer to ask Jesus into my heart. The job of recognizing my sin nature, and understanding the gospel in relationship to my eternity, was the easy part. I knew I was living for myself, and God graced me with recognizing my need for a savior.

However, a lot of times I don’t want a savior. I want to figure it out myself. I want to be perfect. I want to examine my life and fix it all by myself. This hasn’t worked out very well, but by the grace of God, He has continued to point me back to Himself.

It is through recognizing Jesus as my perfect savior that I am saved. It is by the strength the Holy Spirit provides that I fight temptation. And it is by the ministering of the gospel of grace by the Holy Spirit, and often through His bride, the church, that I can continue to recognize my fallen nature—while simultaneously accepting that I am perfect through Jesus and being perfected by Jesus.

Confessing sin is hard for me. Part of trying to achieve perfection on my own includes hiding my imperfections, so I appear as perfect as I can to the people around me. Fully embracing the truth that I am perfect through Jesus and being perfected by Jesus allows me to be brutally honest about my sin. Being honest about my sin forces me to continue to rely on Jesus’ grace.

I urge you to examine yourselves. Where is your life not aligned with the truth? What lies are you embracing to the detriment of your joy in Christ? Who can you trust to confess this to and experience the grace of God through His church letting you know that you are not alone? Through continued reliance on Jesus, we will experience His grace in being made perfect. We will continue to be a developing testament of the gospel working within us to the people around us.


FH staff Guest writer: Denny Robert

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