On my desk this week….It’s eNewsletter week!!

Heydi is the youngest community leader in El Porvenir, Nicaragua.


I love eNewsletter weeks. And by that, I mean I love it when a new FH eNewsletter is published.

As a multimedia writer for Food for the Hungry, the main part of my job is to……you guessed it – write. And although I write a variety of content, whether it’s marketing material, news releases, stories from the field, interviews, Facebook posts, etc., I can honestly say that one of my favorite assignments is writing for our monthly online eNewsletter.

Have you read the newest issue yet?

I strongly encourage you to take a peek. Well, more than a peek. One of the stories in this month’s eNewsletter is particularly special for me. First, let me set it straight that I love all of the stories I’m able to learn about and then write, in order to share with you the wonderful and amazing work that’s going on in our fields. What I love is that they are all stories of success. They tell us that everything we work so hard for, whether in prayer, financial support, advocating or hours in front of the computer  –  it’s absolutely, 100 percent, completely worth it.

But, I digress.  Let me tell you a little about the special story I mentioned. It’s about a young girl in Nicaragua who was so inspired by the work of FH in her struggling community that she decided to become a community leader.

At the age of 15!

Besides being blown away by her maturity, love for God and her commitment to bettering her community, the reason this story is so special to me is that I was able to meet and interview her myself during a recent trip to Nicaragua. Her name is Heydi. She is currently in her third year of high school, has excellent grades and is an active member of the local apostolic congregation. FH is supporting her through transportation assistance and a scholarship to continue high school.

It was truly an honor meeting her and seeing her interact with the children and adults in the community of El Porvenir.  I really hope you click on the link below to read her story. And I really hope it inspires you to not only continue supporting our work, but to give thanks and praise to God for making stories like these possible.

And although I haven’t met every person from every story that I write each week, I smile because I only needed to meet one to show me the true value of our work. And it gives me renewed inspiration each and every day.

Food for thought: Who have you met in your life that inspires you in your work, whether personal or professional?

Read July’s eNewsletter here!

Meeting and interviewing Heydi has been a continued source of inspiration for me.

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