mirror mirror on the wall… what brokenness do you see?

photo from Flickr by nunoferreira

“Poverty is about broken relationships”

Let me explain in a very abbreviated bullet point time line. Because I’m more of a list person…

  • In the beginning, God created… water and sea, plants, and animals, and so and so a forth.. So basically God & nature = relationship.
  • Then he created man … in his likeness. God & man = relationship
  • He deemed man responsible to look after and rule the fish of the sea, birds of the air, and so on an so forth…. man & nature = relationship
  • God created woman. Man & woman = relationship.

You get the point. In the beginning … God created perfect relationships… lots of them. 

THE FALL (Cue “dun dun dun” music here)

The effects of the fall? Broken relationships… do you see it?

When you think about poverty through this lens of broken relationships… does it change your view? It no longer JUST looks like homelessness, hunger, or a physical lack of resources. Stop picturing children in torn clothing in huts in Africa and start envisioning business men, your neighbor, yourself. Hold up a mirror and look poverty in the face. We all have broken relationships – and I’m not just talking about family disputes or fights with your friends. Broken relationships go deeper than that.

Two of my colleague have written their own blog posts about this very thing. Check out Eileen’s post on broken relationships and Karen’s post on Biblical Worldview to get another point of view and to further unpack this concept of broken relationships being at the root of poverty.



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