Over the past few weeks, I have noticed something about myself. I am quick to grumble and slow to be thankful. Ironically, I have noticed this through my 3-year-old son who recently started saying “grrrr” when he gets frustrated. Because he isn’t around too many other people, I realized that he must have gotten this from me. Having young children is an eye opener when you realize they are simply imitating what they see and hear.

So I started an exercise for myself. Each day, I write down five things I am thankful for. They can be small, or they can be important. Either way, I want to focus on being thankful.

For some reason thankfulness is so hard for me, even though I have so much to be thankful for. It seems that every November, as Thanksgiving rolls around, I remember to be thankful, but for some reason this does not always translate to every other day of the year.

I am the facilitator for a fund called HEART (Health, Emergency, Action, Response, Team) that provides emergency medical treatment for children living in our communities that otherwise would not have access to healthcare. Recently, a 4-month-old boy in Uganda was in need of heart surgery. We had already granted the funds and the child was scheduled for surgery when he passed away. My heart was so broken for this family. Yet, the word that we got from his parents was that they were so thankful for FH, and that even though they lost their son, they were giving thanks that FH was willing to help. This touched my heart deeply. It made me think, could I be thankful even if I lost one of my children?

My desire is that my son would begin to imitate my new practice as I go about my day saying what I am thankful for.

If  you would like to learn more about our HEART fund or to donate to this fund, visit our website.

About Katie Mayward

Katie is a wife and mother of two young children. She enjoys serving alongside her husband in youth ministry as well as advocating for children around the world who cannot stand up from themselves. Their family enjoys evening walks and spending time as a family preferably outdoors.

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