Healing a HEART

In my previous blog, I briefly mentioned the HEART fund, but then realized later, that I did not fully explain this fund. It was a fund started several years ago in response to one child needing a life-saving heart surgery.

Here is the HEART story:

“Thank you for your big heart… your generosity…” – Jeffrey


The above words come from a child that received a second chance at life. Jeffrey was the first recipient of a heart surgery that was made possible because of the generosity of donors towards the HEART fund.

This fund is used specifically for health emergencies, which include life saving surgeries like the one that Jeffrey received.

Jeffrey was ten years old when he became a sponsored child through Food for the Hungry in the Philippines.

He is the second child and only son in his family. His parents are farmers in the small community of Laguna, Philippines.

One of the benefits of being an FH sponsored child is receiving health check ups once a year. It was during one of these health check ups that Jeffrey’s congenital heart defect was noticed by one of the doctors.

“I didn’t have any clue that my heart was not healthy, only occasional shortness of breath, which I thought was normal after playing a game,” Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey receiving his heart surgery

Jeffrey received his life changing surgery in 2006. The funds were made possible by a generous donation from a woman who sells Arabian Horses.

After selling a horse to a long time advocate and photographer for Food for the Hungry, she became aware of a need for funds for emergency medical procedures, specifically Jeffrey’s.

A few months later, a young girl in Peru was also in need of a heart transplant. This woman began giving a portion of the proceeds of each horse sale to Food for the Hungry, specifically for the use of emergency health.

Jeffrey post surgery

Jeffrey said, “College is important, but I don’t want to worry too much about it. If God can give me a new life, He can surely take care of all the things that I need. I’m just thankful to God and Carol (the generous donor) that I am alive and strong. I could have been dead today, you know.”

FH’s HEART fund

FH now has an ongoing fund that is used to fund many surgeries every year. Our field staff apply to the fund on behalf of the children and then help walk the children and their families through the process with the doctors, hospitals and surgeries.

In the past year we have funded five surgeries and this fund is in constant demand by our field staff and families. I will be sharing more HEART stories and future opportunities to give in the future. Check out our website to donate to this fund.

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Katie is a wife and mother of two young children. She enjoys serving alongside her husband in youth ministry as well as advocating for children around the world who cannot stand up from themselves. Their family enjoys evening walks and spending time as a family preferably outdoors.