Former sponsored child shares story

You are making a difference in the life of your sponsored child!

Through your faithful gifts, you are changing the trajectory of a life.  To see an example of the type of change you are making possible, we want to share the story of another child whose life was changed through sponsorship.

Meet Viviana. Viviana is now 25 years old, but grew up as a Food for the Hungry sponsored child in the community of Los Claveles near Lima, Peru.

What life was like in Los Claveles

While growing up, Viviana remembers the biggest struggle in her community was lack of clean water. She and her family traveled to another community with buckets to purchase water. Viviana’s parents worked full time to support the family, so she and her brother were often alone. As unsupervised children in this community, they could have easily succumbed to crime and alcoholism.

Experiencing child sponsorship

Thankfully, Viviana was sponsored at age 12.   Viviana saw and understood, for the first time, the power of God. Through her sponsors, Viviana got a renewed sense of hope and made a decision to strive for a better future by committing to study and work hard.

Viviana poses for a photo in HollandMoving on to a brighter future

Unlike many children in her community, Viviana finished high school, and went on to study in college -but she also aspired to see more of the world. She researched a study abroad program in Europe and applied to become an Au Pair (nanny) in the Netherlands.   She is now pursuing Dutch as a third language and continuing her education by studying business administration.   She is also engaged to be married.

The support Viviana received as a sponsored child has positioned her for success and to give back to others in need.

What Viviana has to say about your support

“Thank you FH for coming into my life and into the lives of the other families in my community. You make promises come true and the main thing is you encourage us to believe in God! Because of this, there will always be hope for us! … I learned that money doesn’t come for free; we earn money with effort and by working every day. And formerly sponsored children like me, we appreciate it a lot. Thanks for sharing what you have with us! I may not earn a lot of money yet, but as soon as I finish my career, I will sponsor a child. And I will tell them,’ You can make it, too.’”

Food for the Hungry is committed to investing in the next generation. Through child sponsorship, FH equips parents, churches and leaders in their God-given roles so they can nurture and provide for their children in all aspects of their lives – physical, spiritual, social and intellectual. Thank you for your faithful support that makes stories like these possible!

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