The Chair in the Seed

Sewing school gives skills to Bolivian women

FH staff member Germán used a chair to illustrate that ideas can help women overcome poverty.

“Where did this chair come from?” Germán asked me.

We had been talking with a group of women in Bolivia who had just started their own sewing school with guidance from FH. Germán, the FH staff member who leads the project, was making a point about helping the women to support themselves.

Germán related the training he had given before the sewing school began.

Chair was once an ideaI asked the women, ‘Where does this chair come from?’

They said, ‘A tree.’

And then I asked them, ‘Where did the tree come from?’

‘A seed,’ they replied.

Exactly. The chair was in the seed, but as an idea. Someone had to cultivate the idea in order to make the chair.

No matter how few resources a woman has, she has ideas waiting to be developed. Unless she acts on the ideas, nothing will be built.

The sewing school in Bolivia came from an idea that local women had come up with themselves. With help from FH, the women acted on the idea. They acquired sewing machines and learned advanced techniques for sewing high quality products. They are even marketing their own products. Now these women have developed a source of income for their families!

Bolivian sewing school teaches women skills

What idea has God placed on your heart? What’s your next step to act on the idea?

About Wendy McMahan

Wendy McMahan is grateful for her front row seat in watching God “reconcile all things to Himself.” (Colossians 1:20) She still can’t believe that she gets to participate in His story every day. Wendy and her husband are proud parents to two daughters and have been foster parents to children of all ages. Wendy serves as Director of Church Engagement at Food for the Hungry. She hosts the Poverty Unlocked podcast.

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