Zumba, multiplication and blessings

Loaves and fishes

Just as Jesus multiplied a few loaves and fishes to feed 5,000 people, he will multiply your gifts of time, treasure and talent.

I am amazed when I read the passage in the New Testament about Jesus feeding the 5,000.

The miracle of bread and fish multiplying before everyone’s eyes must have been unbelievable to watch. But even more interesting to me is the role played by the disciples.

Jesus asks them a simple, yet profound question, “How many loaves [of bread] do you have?”

The disciples’ answer is, in essence, “Not many.” Certainly not enough to feed this huge mass of people spread across the hillside. Really only enough to look foolish by trying to meet such a great need with so little.

But the message of Jesus to them, and to us, is clear: Take whatever you have (gift, skill, money, hobby…), put it to use for God’s Kingdom, and ask Him to work a miracle of multiplication.

Dave Evans and Lili Rodriguez

Lili Gutierrez presents Dave Evans with money she raised through her Zumba class

Lili Gutierrez did just that.

Several weeks ago, Lili approached me after church service and said, “I teach a Zumba dance class and I’d like to do a fundraiser and call it ‘Dance for the Hungry.’”

Although she had never done anything like this before, she was moved to take what she loved (Zumba dancing) and turn it into a gift for God so that He could multiply it and bless people around the world who are struggling to feed their families. Lili said that she thought that she might be able to raise a few hundred dollars.

God multiplied her gift of an idea.

Yesterday, Lili proudly presented Food for the Hungry with a check for $1000. The Lord had taken her passion for Zumba dance and turned it into fishes and loaves for children in Kenya, Cambodia, Bolivia and beyond.

When you think about it, the question that Jesus asked His disciples is the same one that He asks each of us every day. “How many loaves do you have?” Or another way to say it would be, “What resource do you have that God wants you to give to Him so that he can multiply them and bless others?” When God asked Lili that question, she was ready.

How about you?

(For more information on how you can dance, run, swim, bike or use your unique talents to raise funds for those in need, contact hunger@fh.org.)

About Dave Evans

Dave Evans served with Food for the Hungry (FH) from 1991 until 2013, most recently as the U.S. President and a member of the Global Executive Office. Previously, he served as Country Director in Chad and then Bolivia.