Does the media you engage in and fill your time with line up with the Gospel you believe in?

image by CraigCloutier

image by CraigCloutier

I’ve been on my own personal mission lately to find quality Christian music that I can enjoy…. if your like me, you may be laughing at the impossibility of this concept. Quality Christian music? Okay, maybe I’m the only glass half empty hater out there, but I’ve had a hard time digesting the canned overly peppy Jesus lyrics with the same recognizably churchy chords.

However – I recognized the power of music in my life to be of higher importance than my preference for music. After a particularly bad day I tuned the radio to my favorite hip hop station. After singing nearly every lyric of every sex, drugs, party, dancing, bling, female objectifying themed song, I felt stronger…. but then it occurred to me… that doesn’t seem right. If this is the music I turn to to build me up – how are the lyrics influencing my character, decisions and life? This can’t be good.

I think of myself as a pretty strong, independent person – but I’ve realized just how much I am influenced by my surroundings into redefining what is “normal.” We are called to be different. By choosing to “fit in,” are we deciding that Jesus is not enough?

I’ve decided to challenge myself … first step… music. I’d like to challenge you as well. This can be as big or small as you want it to be.

Maybe you create a playlist and listen to some good Jesus jams for a few hours – maybe a few weeks. Whatever time commitment you make, be intentional. Observe your own behaviors and see if you recognize a change in attitude/heart/behavior.

I’m currently listening to some Toby Mac remixes and Trip Lee… for an undecided amount of time… but I’m on week two and I feel amazing. I’m not saying I’m going to be a strictly Christian music listen from now on – but I do want to immerse myself in things that support my beliefs as much as possible.

Shout out to my friend Ryan Horn who relentlessly recommend Christian bands untill he found some I liked! 

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