Thankful God is always calling kids & grown-ups home

painting of the prodigal son parable

The Prodigal Son by Hans Feibusch. Photo © Copyright Julian P Guffogg

I’ve spent the past two nights reading to my niece from Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing by Sally Lloyd-Jones (with captivating illustrations by Jago). I am so glad to be reading her a book about God that says so much more than,“Don’t be a bad girl;” or “Be a good girl.”

While abstract concepts like sin can be really hard for kids to grasp without simple do this/don’t do that messages, this book goes a long way in explaining our predicament in a fallen world.

Lloyd-Jones shows how God created the world to be like our solar system. In the solar system, the sun is at the middle, and all the planets revolve around it.

With this idea, Lloyd-Jones shows how we put ourselves in the middle of the “solar system” of this world and expect it all to revolve around us, instead of honoring our Creator in His rightful place.

I’ve posted a couple of times before about how Food for the Hungry affirms that poverty, in its essence, is about broken relationships.

Another way to put it is: poverty is about how things get really messed up when each one of us sees ourselves as the center of all things. The “systems” of our world break: governments, corporations, schools and economies. Basically, we are out of line with the way God intended the orbit to happen. And mysteriously, this not only affects our human relationships, but the entire creation (we have earthquakes, crop failures, etc.).

Prodigal Son Stained Glass Image

"He Was Lost, He is Found," J. & R. Lamb Studios, designer, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

But, as Lloyd-Jones so beautifully states, God is always calling us back home. And home is where we are rightly relating to others and our Creator. All of this is possible through the death and resurrection of our rescuer, Jesus, who Himself, stayed in orbit perfectly. In another children’s book, Lloyd-Jones describes the love with which God has pursued us as His, “wonderful, Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.”

Simply put, in response to God’s great love, the mission of FH is to join our Creator in calling people back home—to a right relationship with God, each other and creation, all through Jesus.

If we are honest, we can see the orbit of our lives often looks like more of a zigzag, than a clean line. We honor God at the center, then we don’t, then we do, then we don’t. As we grow in Christlikeness, our hope is that we increasingly orbit the way we were meant to. Fortunately, Christ’s perfect orbiting record is now ours, as we place our faith in Him, regardless of the “course” of a particular day.

I’ll close this post by saying that God is calling all of us back home. The rich…the poor…and most of us who perceive ourselves as being somewhere in between. We all have the same path God is calling us to follow. And, when we orbit with Christ in the center and walk the path of Always and Forever love, we start to see poverty ended. That’s something to be thankful for.

About Eileen O'Gorman

Sometimes I think I am incessant middle child. I find myself in the middle of things a lot. Right now, in particular with my work in communication for Food for the Hungry, I find myself in the middle—maybe a bridge builder—between “worlds.” However, what seems like many worlds all occupying one planet, is actually one grand world that God created. I just can’t get a handle on that! Mostly I hope that my work helps bring reconciliation in this world and that, by grace, we can see good things happening – on earth as it is in heaven.

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