Day 3: Cow (8 Days of Giving)

One of the most touching aspects of this giving process has been how Evie (age 8) has responded. As we were selecting gifts to give, we considered giving chickens.

Evie asked if she could give two chickens herself. She has been saving up her earnings since the gift catalog arrived with a goal of giving chickens herself.

When we first flipped through the gift catalog and began forming the idea for 8 Days of Giving, the cow kept drawing us in.

In the past, we’ve given a few small gifts at Christmastime, but the cow – as a friend of mine said, “That’s a lot of MOOlah!

As we kept being drawn back to the cow, we started dreaming about what a family could do with a cow. Elijah, our 2 year old, loves to give a gift to a family that provides milk, his favorite drink.

Initially, it was a struggle for me: Can we afford to give a cow? At $350, it’s not the most expensive gift, but it is still a lot of money. Ellie, our 4 year old, explained how much the cow would mean for someone.

Dad, just think of all the nilky (milk) this cow could provide!

Ellie is right! With five kids, we go through a lot of milk (six gallons a week to be exact) and this cow could provide a ‘lot of nilky.’

This year, we’re going to step out and give a cow to a family in need. Evie demonstrated selflessness with her desire to give two chickens herself – literally using all of the money she has to do it. $350 is a lot of money, but the impact the cow will have on helping a family become self sufficient is tremendous.

Please think about giving a cow with us–maybe if not by yourself, think about getting your friends together to go in on it. It will really change the life of a family and possibly a community.

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8 Days of Giving

We’re celebrating 8 days of giving and will be giving a gift each day from the gift catalog. We’ll reveal our gift item each day on the Food for the Hungry blog and encourage you to join us. Our goal is for 800 gifts these 8 days. On each post, we’ll show a tree. This tree has 80 lights on it – for every ten items given, we’ll light a single light. We pray by the end of the 8 days, the tree will be completely lit.

On day one, we gave 2 guinea fowls. The bird looks like a mix between a turkey and a peacock and produces eggs for the family. They also multiply quickly and eat insects. The gift includes 2 guinea fowls so the family can help facilitate having cute little guinea fowls running around. On day two, we gave school supplies to help children stay in school. Our kids felt a connection with these kids through the small act of the gift.

Just click on a link from one of the 8 Days of Giving blog posts to have your gift counted as part of the 800.

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