Day 5: 2 Rabbits (8 Days of Giving)

Today, I’m writing a very different post than I expected to write. When we stopped on the page with the rabbits, I expected the conversation to go a a little different.

When we landed on the page in the FH gift catalog, Julia (5 years old) exclaimed, “Oooooh! Let’s get rabbits!”

I began thinking about how difficult the conversation might become, explaining to four girls how the rabbits will not be pets and how they will really be used. Instead, as I responded, “Why should we buy rabbits?” Isabelle (age 4) replied “Because they’re food, Dad.” Evie (age 8) added “…and they’ll be able to sell the fur.”

A little surprised at their responses, I asked how they knew what the rabbits would be used for. Emily (age 10) explained, “Well, if you lived with so little, what would you use the rabbits for?” Sometimes I think I take their creative thinking for granted. Or perhaps we’re too frank in discussing topics with them.

Contrast this with our friend Jessica and her family. Like us, they have five kids. Their family is joining us in 8 Days of Giving and as they flipped through the gift catalog, their kids exclaimed “I want to help out some rabbits!!!”

It’s amazing how children can see the world so differently. But just as amazing is how fast they will come to understand the needs of the poor. As we teach our children the struggles the poor face, our children will start dreaming up solutions to help them.

So today, please join us in these 8 Days of Giving and share with your children the plight of the poor and give rabbits to help impoverished families build a better life for themselves.

8 Days of Giving

We’re celebrating 8 days of giving and will be giving a gift each day from the gift catalog. We’ll reveal our gift item each day on the Food for the Hungry blog and encourage you to join us. Our goal is for 800 gifts these 8 days. On each post, we’ll show a tree. This tree has 80 lights on it – for every ten items given, we’ll light a single light. We pray by the end of the 8 days, the tree will be completely lit.

On day one, we gave 2 guinea fowls. The bird looks like a mix between a turkey and a peacock and produces eggs for the family. They also multiply quickly and eat insects. The gift includes 2 guinea fowls so the family can help facilitate having cute little guinea fowls running around. On day two, we gave school supplies to help children stay in school. Our kids felt a connection with these kids through the small act of the gift. On day three, we gave a cow to a family in need. The cow will provide milk to support the family and for them to sell for income. Yesterday, we gave the gift of health by deworming 500 children.

Just click on a link from one of the 8 Days of Giving blog posts to have your gift counted as part of the 800.


About Jeremy Reis

Jeremy Reis is the Director of Digital Marketing for Food for the Hungry. He is the husband to Jennica and father of 6. Jeremy writes about how to disciple children into a loving and compassionate world view.

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