Day 8: 5 Bibles (8 Days of Giving)

It’s day eight of our 8 Days of Giving and we’ve learned a lot about giving and serving the most vulnerable. We’ve learned how gardens in FH communities are similar to our own, what rabbits are really used for, how deworming can change a child’s life (500 of them in a single gift!), and the impact a cow can have on a family. Our kids have been able to connect with children around the world through school supplies and tippy taps.

Throughout the process, we’ve talked with the kids about what our response should be to poverty. As Christ followers, what do we need to do to help end spiritual and physical hunger? On this 8th day, we’re giving 5 Bibles to help children learn the truth of Christ.

“Let’s give Bibles!” Evie exclaimed as we reached this part of the gift catalog. “Is it just a Bible?” Emily inquired.

The gift of Bibles also includes the training necessary for the children to understand it and the discipling to understand Christ’s love for us.

As we close out these 8 days, please give bibles to make an eternal impact on the lives of these families.

8 Days of Giving

We’re celebrating 8 days of giving and will be giving a gift each day from the gift catalog. We’ll reveal our gift item each day on the Food for the Hungry blog and encourage you to join us. Our goal is for 800 gifts these 8 days. On each post, we’ll show a tree. This tree has 80 lights on it – for every ten items given, we’ll light a single light. We pray by the end of the 8 days, the tree will be completely lit.

On day one, we gave 2 guinea fowls. The bird looks like a mix between a turkey and a peacock and produces eggs for the family. They also multiply quickly and eat insects. The gift includes 2 guinea fowls so the family can help facilitate having cute little guinea fowls running around. On day two, we gave school supplies to help children stay in school. Our kids felt a connection with these kids through the small act of the gift. On day three, we gave a cow to a family in need. The cow will provide milk to support the family and for them to sell for income. Day four saw us give the gift of health by deworming 500 children. On day five, we gave rabbits. On day six, we gave vegetable seeds. On day seven, we gave tippy taps.

Just click on a link from one of the 8 Days of Giving blog posts to have your gift counted as part of the 800.


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Jeremy Reis is the Director of Digital Marketing for Food for the Hungry. He is the husband to Jennica and father of 6. Jeremy writes about how to disciple children into a loving and compassionate world view.

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