Update on Geoffrey

I have some incredible news! Remember Geoffrey? He was the young boy experiencing renal failure in Rwanda. His uncle sold everything he owns to pay for hospital bills, but it was simply not enough.

They were being faced with the threat of being forced to leave the hospital, because they were so behind on their bills. Because of incredibly generous donations, many of them from readers of this blog, we were able to send Geoffrey and his uncle enough money to pay off the hospital bills through October.

Our staff have told me that upon receiving this news, Geoffrey’s uncle was “abundantly grateful!” Geoffrey is still in the hospital receiving treatment. In the long term, a transplant might be a good option, but for now doctors think  that continuing on a new medication is the right course of treatment.

The story is not over for Geoffrey though.

He needs to stay in the hospital for the time being, continuing with treatment. Though the hospital bills have now been paid through October, they will soon be mounting up again.

Could you continue to pray with me? Please pray for healing for Geoffrey, strength for his uncle, Augustine, and wisdom for our staff that are working closely with this family.

I will continue to update you as we get updates from Rwanda. Thank you all for those of you who have been praying for Geoffrey and for those of you who donated (if you wish to donate again please visit our website here).

Let me pass on to you the thanks from Geoffrey, his uncle Augustine and our FH Rwanda staff. Your prayers and gifts have truly been a life changing blessing to them.

About Katie Mayward

Katie is a wife and mother of two young children. She enjoys serving alongside her husband in youth ministry as well as advocating for children around the world who cannot stand up from themselves. Their family enjoys evening walks and spending time as a family preferably outdoors.