2 Rabbits: 40 Days of Giving

Question: How many rabbits does it take to make a difference in a child’s life?

Two, if they hop right to it.

Week 3: 2 Rabbits

When we landed on the page in the FH gift catalog, Julia (5 years old) exclaimed, “Oooooh! Let’s get rabbits!”

The kids are excited about the impact rabbits can have in the lives of those who we serve:

“They’re good food, daddy.” explained Isabelle (age 4).
“The family can sell the fur.” added Evie (9).
“They’ll get bunnies!” Julia (6) exclaimed.

Our family is excited about giving 2 rabbits this Lent season as it illustrates new life. We give up something to provide a gift to a family that can provide returns for many years to come.

I know if you join me and my family in this 40 Days of Giving, you’ll discover a new depth to yourself and your children. I hope you and your friends and family will join my family. And together, we’ll be living out the love that Christ sacrificed Himself to give us. Take a look at the catalog and see how you can make a difference.

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Jeremy Reis is the Director of Digital Marketing for Food for the Hungry. He is the husband to Jennica and father of 6. Jeremy writes about how to disciple children into a loving and compassionate world view.

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