The cross . . . fuel for the long haul (Part 1)


It is one of the most important components of life.

It provided the former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez with the resources to fund his governmental agenda.  It is at the center of the political debate of whether to construct a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.  Fuel shortages have provoked global conflicts.  And yet, these same shortages have inspired scientific creativity in the development of solar and wind energy.

Why is fuel so important?

Movement.  Fuel is what makes things happen.  It generates momentum.

So, a critical question remains: what fuels Food for the Hungry (FH) in the ministry we do in caring for the most vulnerable?  What motivates our staff in over 25 countries to wake up in the morning, travel to remote locations and with passion, give their lives away so that forgotten communities can experience sustainable transformation?

Remote communities around the world

The answer is simple: the cross.

The death and resurrection of Christ, our Savior, is what compels FH staff to venture through rugged terrain to care for and build relationships with impoverished communities.  God’s love, grace and justice as displayed on Calvary are the motivation and inspiration for the work we do each day.

Adoption as fuel

Prior to our miraculous encounter with the love of God in Christ, Scripture describes us as sinful, wicked, poor, broken, dead, lost, and vulnerable.  In our helpless position we can do nothing to improve our situation.   However, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us, providing new life to anyone who trusts in Him.  Romans 8 describes that we have been adopted as sons and daughters into God’s family.  God, the creator of the universe, has restored our broken relationship with Him through Christ, and welcomed us into His Kingdom through means of lavish and unmerited grace.

Through the forgiveness and grace proclaimed on the cross, God is welcoming His adopted sons and daughters into His abundant household, saying “make yourself at home”.

As an adopted child of the King, we graciously share and provide for the stranger not because of our wealth, but because we were once lost and vulnerable as well.  Not only do we share, we can relate to their circumstance of hopelessness.  We see our possessions and relationships not as something that is solely ours, but as gifts that God has given us to steward.

Start your engines

Inspired by the cross, our staff strive to use their gifts and abilities to serve communities around the world.  This heart change is worked out practically as our staff share agriculture advice, equipping farmers to increase their production yields.  Mothers are instructed with cooking techniques that will produce more nutritious meals for their families.  Leaders are encouraged to come together and brainstorm ways to care for the most impoverished in their community.  Church leaders and pastors are exhorted to continually serve the community, demonstrating the Gospel in both word and deed.

This beautiful reality of the cross and our adoption into God’s family is our daily fuel that provides us with momentum for the long journey.

What first fueled your passion for the least of these?


About Joshua Kienzle

Redeemed by grace and always the optimist, Josh loves to savor the simple things of each day. While we wait and watch for the extraordinary, amazing people and events are passing before us all the time. Traveling through 38 countries has taught Josh to keep his eyes open; you never know when something special is about to happen. Josh and his beautiful wife Carrisa have two children, Caleb and Evangeline, and love the adventure of parenting. Always a student, Josh is currently continuing his studies at Phoenix Seminary.

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