Important to do … but not now


Me to my girls:  “When was the last time you wrote Macua (our sponsored child) a letter?”


Me to my girls: “How about you make a card for Macua sometime today. Getting a card from you would really make her day, you know.”

My reluctant writers

Why is it that my two girls rarely write to their friend across the sea? They pray for her regularly and love getting any report or letter from her. They believe that corresponding with her is the right thing to do. Creating that card and sending it out gives them a sense of fulfillment. But believing that it’s important isn’t enough to motivate them to write regularly.

Beautifully radical stewards

I find this same phenomenon at work every day in my adult world. In my role at FH, I’m tasked with facilitating legacy gifts. I get to see astounding examples of saints making radical moves. God’s Spirit burns into them an understanding of the high priority God puts on stewardship. They stop the merry-go-round of life long enough to prayerfully consider what God would have them do with a life-time’s worth of accumulated assets. They think on how the lost and needy people that Christ died for relate to the assets God put in their hands. They make legally-binding plans to transfer their possessions both to family members who can continue good stewardship and to FH so that we can minister to the poor in Christ’s name. It’s a truly beautiful thing to see!

We, the reluctant stewards

Yet, my excitement in witnessing this done well is tempered by the regular reminder that the vast majority of American Christians really drop the ball on this vital stewardship step. Like my girls, they believe it’s important! More than most, we as Christians recognize it all belongs to God and that we can’t take it with us. Yet, so few of us take the time to consider the transfer well and insure that solid legal arrangements are in place.

The consequences of this failure are tremendously sad. We lose the joy of watching and guiding the investments in family and the Lord’s work. We leave our families in a contentious mess after death. And billions that would have gone towards transformative Kingdom impact get directed elswhere by probate judges.

So why do we let probate judges steward what God has put in our hands to steward?  It doesn’t feel urgent. The financial and legal issues involved are too complicated. We falsely believe it’s about death and taxes (the world’s most demotivating topics!) instead of about stewardship. We don’t understand it. That’s for when I’m older. Or richer. We can’t afford the costs to get it done right now. Procrastination.  The reasons are legion; but the opportunity to make the biggest legacy impact of our lives is right in front of us!

You can do it well !

If you haven’t taken care of this business of life well, you can start changing that now. We at FH want to help you get it done. We offer online, traditional paper, and personal services that walk you through the process. This is no marketing ploy. We genuinely want to enable you to take care of the most important stewardship steps of your life. Simply go to to get started.

Let’s provide for those we love in wise ways. Let’s protect what He’s put in our hands to care for. May God give you His good wisdom as you get it done!


About Sean Mills

Married with 2 fine daughters 8 yrs. of service with Food for the Hungry My passion - to help stewards honor God with what He's placed in their hands.

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