Boston bombing: Will you help or hide?

(Photo by Ryan Horn)

If we needed more evidence that we live and work in a broken world, the Boston marathon bombing was a rude reminder.

Food for the Hungry (FH) is called to serve the most vulnerable of this world. Doing so by definition takes us into parts of the world where senseless death and destruction are regular occurrences. Yet FH staff keep at it day after day, and with your support, are making a real difference.

Random, senseless violence like the Boston bombing is dispiriting. Preventable deaths and chaos leave us wondering if our callings and actions to change the world aren’t quixotic and feeble in the face of such evil.

At moments like this, we have a clear, practical decision to make: to stay in the game or hide under the bed and take care of our own. When the brokenness of the world gets past the headlines and into our personal lives from horrible events like the Boston bombing, we have to decide if the effort to engage is worth it.

Continuing to remain engaged – be it through financial support, prayer, sponsorship, going on teams, serving in your local communities – requires extending ourselves beyond our walls to engage in a messy world that has sharp edges. It requires both courage and grace to keep going.

There are three primary things in particular that keep me going:

1. First, my 6-year-old daughter would never let me disengage. God has given her a special heart for the poor, and if our lives, time or budget stopped having a place for impoverished people – I would hear about it from my sweet but determined daughter.

2. Second, living for others and serving the poor is at the very core of following Jesus. By following Jesus we discover what love is – and it is giving our lives away to others.

3. Finally, despite headlines to contrary, the work we are doing together is making a real difference around the world. Real change is possible and FH is right in the middle of making the most progress to end poverty in the history of the world.

A recent study conducted by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative says: “The world is witnessing an epochal ‘global re-balancing’ with higher growth in at least 40 poor countries helping lift hundreds of millions out of poverty… Never in history have the living conditions and prospects of so many people changed so dramatically and so fast.”

Yet a lot remains to be done.

Now is exactly the time to continue or even increase our commitments and sacrifice on behalf of the poor and making the world a better place. Join FH in inspiring hope, walking with communities, and ending poverty.

About Keith Wright

Keith is the President of Food for the Hungry (FH), with more than 20 years of innovative relief and development leadership and implementation experience in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the U.S. He spent 11 of these years working and living in Africa. Keith and his wife Heidi have four children — Denton, Fraser, Brody, and Fiona — and love being a part of the Bend, Ore. community. When not working or traveling Keith can be found fly-fishing in one of Central Oregon’s many beautiful rivers.

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