Give parents hope for their children

My son, Alexander, age 4, is having a medical procedure done to repair a tight-tongue. While this is a minor surgery, I’m afraid for him. Even though my little boy will be operated on by a highly-trained doctor in a world-class medical facility, I don’t want to see my son in pain.

But my family is fortunate; we live in the Western world. We have access to trained doctors, top hospitals, the latest medicines and the best techniques. We have health insurance that will cover this with minimal cost out of pocket. I am blessed.

But in the poorest parts of the world, basic medical care is non-existent. Simple things like aspirin, vitamins and Band-Aid’s aren’t available. Surgeries, like the one my son is facing, don’t happen. As a father, I would feel powerless and hopeless.

But you can help empower and give hope to parents around the world. Just take simple actions that make a big difference, by:

  1. Praying for a change in the poorest parts of the world. Only God can permanently change the human condition.
  2. Getting educated. Learn the truth of what is happening in the rest of the world. Signup for Food for the Hungry’s  monthly eNewsletter for more information.
  3. Getting involved. Education without action is wasted – use your knowledge by spreading the word of what FH is doing. Advocate for us through Facebook and Twitter and help make a direct impact on what we can accomplish.
  4. Donating. Give money for medical supplies, training and help to improve the condition of those in need. Currently, FH has a number of projects that we can help with, like the H.E.A.R.T Fund, which provides emergency surgery for those in need. We can also sponsor the HIV/AIDS program to help stop the spread of this horrible disease.

You really can change the way people are living around the world. When you partner with Food for the Hungry, you are partnering to help families living in poverty in so many ways. Pick your favorite cause and get behind it with us. You’ll not only be helping to provide better living conditions and medical care. You’ll be helping to end poverty.

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