Sponsored child writes inspiring letter to sponsor

Graduation season is nearly here! It’s time for so many of us to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of ourselves or our loved ones, as one chapter closes and another begins.

I fondly remember graduating high school six years ago. I began to excitedly prepare for my big move to the university two hours from home, armed with dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher, joining the Peace Corps, saving the world and wearing tie-dye forever.

Karla, a 16-year-old from Peru, has just graduated from school, and also graduated out of our child sponsorship program. She wrote a wonderful letter to inform her sponsor of her future aspirations, which it turns out aren’t too far off from my own at that age.

Karla holding her graduation keepsake

Karla proudly displays the graduation keepsake she received from her school

Hello my friend,

I hope you are very well. I hope you pray for me a lot. This year I finish the school and am getting good grades at school. When I finish, I want to study in the academy to get ready and enter the university. I want to study human medicine. I love that career.

The good thing is that I have a professional goal and family goal. My goal is to have a job and with the time, I want to find someone who loves me as I am, but above all that my husband supports my job. I would like to have two babies and educate them, as well as to help my parents because one of their dreams is to have their own sewing workshop.

I want to help needy people and share our love and affection in order that especially needy children know they aren’t alone in this world and there are more people who are worried about them. So they can live happy. That is a part of my goal.  I send blessings to you.

Kisses and hugs! Trust in God! He is the best friend of all.

I love you so much.

How encouraged would you be if you received a letter like this? Being a sponsor is such a wonderful opportunity to walk alongside a child across the world, supporting them, sharing God’s love, building a relationship and watching them grow up. Karla’s sponsor has been a part of her life for six years and now gets to see the fruit of her sponsorship — her completion of school (which is a big deal for a girl in a developing country) and her plans to spend her life loving and serving others.

Do you want this opportunity too? Partner with Food for the Hungry by sponsoring a child today.

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