How a child used gardening to serve his community

When God created us, He gave us the freedom and ability to rule over everything else he created — plants, land, animals and organisms. But I have heard people interpret this blessing a variety of ways. Does it mean His creation is at our disposal, to use as we please? Or is it a call to care for living things and steward our natural resources well?

Guyo, a boy in Food for the Hungry‘s child sponsorship program, understands it as the latter. And he takes this calling to heart.

Guyo plants flowers at the church compound. He is pictured here with FH staff member Mary.

Guyo at the church compound with FH staff member Mary.

Guyo and other children in his Kenyan community participate in weekly Bible studies and club activities facilitated by FH staff. Through these studies and activities, the children have been taught that God’s people are responsible for taking care of His creation, and working to improve the environment around them.

The environmental club that Guyo participates in began to wonder what part they could play in nurturing the land where they lived. The children in this club decided to cultivate a vegetable garden together on their school’s campus. The first year, their plants were killed by drought. But this past year, their diligence paid off as they harvested their crops and were able to share with the entire school!

But Guyo still wondered if he could contribute more.

I looked around for something I could give. I saw that my church compound is very bare and I decided to plant flowers to make the compound beautiful.

All on his own, Guyo sought permission from the church leaders, obtained flower seedlings, and planted them in the church compound. He has confidently committed to tending the flowers every day, and has enlisted the help of several friends to ensure that this garden flourishes.

Through the child sponsorship program, Guyo and a multitude of other children are learning to take ownership of their community and land. They are learning about their God-given potential and the value of all His creation. They are learning how to make the most of their resources and improve their surroundings for everyone. By sponsoring a child, you are helping them to discover their own unique gifts and how to honor God with them. Empower a child and their community — sponsor a child.

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Holly Martinez connects children from Food for the Hungry's child sponsorship program to caring sponsors like you . Her blog will give you a glimpse of the impact your sponsorship makes in the communities we serve. Holly loves adventuring with her husband and their puppy, sleeping in, learning and creating.

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