But God…?

Today’s lesson: But God …?

Materials needed for today’s lesson:

  • Plant seeds (any flower or vegetable plant) or bulbs
  • Pots
  • Potting soil

Verse of the day: There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are they for so many? (John 6:9, ESV)

In the Bible’s story of the loaves and fishes, we learn how God can provide for us even when we have little. A group of five thousand people followed Jesus to be healed. When it came time to eat, only five loaves of bread and two fish could be found for the meal – clearly not enough food for thousands of followers! But Jesus took the bread and fish, gave thanks to God for His bounty, and gave each person present as much food as they wanted for dinner. In the end, there was food left over!

We can look to this story during times when it seems we don’t have enough. While it may feel we lack much, God always provides plenty. Think about a garden. Would you imagine, looking at a handful of seeds, that enough corn, squash, and beans might grow out of it to feed an entire community? But with a little bit of work, some patience, and trust in God’s help, we can turn that small handful of seeds into countless meals that feed us and our neighbors.

The key, though, is trusting in God’s help and His will for us – and then doing what we can to answer to His call. God provides for us, but we have to take it upon ourselves to live our lives in accordance with His plan.

Going back to the garden, we can’t just plant seeds and expect them to produce fruits and vegetables! We have to water them, weed them and harvest the fruits and vegetables when they’re ready to eat. In much the same way, when we accept the gifts that God provides, we have to nurture and give thanks for the talents and opportunities we receive from Him.

Today’s activity: Today, we’re going to plant a small garden. Fill small pots with potting soil and place three seeds in each pot. From these three seeds, plants will grow. God can use our small actions to grow great things!

Today’s prayer: God, we know that when we step out, you can do great things with our step of faith. Please use us to work for your Kingdom and do great things for you. We love you, Lord! Amen.

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Jeremy Reis is the Director of Digital Marketing for Food for the Hungry. He is the husband to Jennica and father of 6. Jeremy writes about how to disciple children into a loving and compassionate world view.

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