Julio’s story: Starting a new child sponsorship

Ryan Horn is a Food for the Hungry employee and child sponsor. Ryan shares what it was like to get news that his sponsored child had graduated…and then how he began another sponsorship with a different child…all of it happening right in Gautemala.

A couple of years ago, I took a seven-day trip with FH to the community of Campat, Guatemala My wife, Kresta and I, were in our hotel getting ready to leave  for the village of Campat, when I read an email that one of my sponsored children had graduated from FH’s sponsorship program.

It was a great success. The child was moving away to study at a university. My wife and I decided that since one of our sponsored children had graduated, that we would take that opportunity – then and there – to choose a new child from Campat to sponsor.

We literally had minutes in the hotel lobby to find another child before our bus left for our trip into Campat.

So we looked through several different child packets and selected a little boy by the name of Julio. We held onto our new packet and communicated back to FH that we were signing up to sponsor him. A few minutes later, we jumped on our bus and headed into the community. It was about an hour ride up a very broken and bumpy mountain road. Once we arrived, our van was swallowed up with the laughter and playfulness of what seemed to be hundreds of precious little children from the community.

Ryan and Kresta Horn with Julio.

The children took our hands and led us into their school yard. Within the hour, the whole town was on the school grounds. We were being seated to witness a community celebration welcoming team leaders and officials of Campat. With just a few minutes to go before the official kick-off of the ceremonies, I looked up from my seat and saw a little, precious boy standing several feet  in front of me. The boy stared  me in the eyes. I knew that little face.

I looked down and saw the picture of my new sponsored child on my packet, and then looked back up. There was Julio – standing right in front of me! It was amazing. I pointed and with a loud voice, I said, “It’s Julio!”

His little eyes got really big, and he smiled even bigger. The next few days, we had such amazing, God-filled experiences spending time with little Julio, his family and community.

I encourage you to sponsor a child.  In fact, go one step beyond and get your church to support a community. Then plan a trip with FH to go and visit your church’s community. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget. You’ll be blessed beyond any expectation that you could ever imagine.





About Ryan Horn

Ryan has served with FH since 2006. Motivated by Christ's love and the work of FH all around the world, he is passionate about making an impact in the lives of the most vulnerable. Ryan and his family reside in the suburbs of Phoenix, and they love living in the Valley of the Sun, where they soak up lots of their favorite past times... baseball, concerts, and new eateries!

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