Making the world a smaller place

I’m delighted to share the following guest blog from my co-worker, Tony Alonzo. He describes himself as a self-proclaimed computer geek who loves bringing technology and people together. Born and raised in Arizona, he loves the “dry” heat, mild winters and the beautiful Arizona sunsets. With his wife Carmen and his son Xavier, they enjoy lots of time in the sun and being surrounded with as many family and friends as possible.

IT meeting in Asia

The FH Global IT Team works to make the world a smaller place for reaching the poor and vulnerable.

As of May 1, there are 1.11 billion users registered to the social media giant Facebook. That is roughly one out of every seven people living on this earth!

America is a society living on the Internet. As a result, we deal with serious “first world problems” from our reliance on always being connected. These include resisting the temptation to text while driving, oversharing on social media and disconnecting from our smart phones long enough to reconnect with our families.

Yet, with all the data, tweets, instagrams and instant messages, we still lack the most recent update from the most vulnerable. The voice of poverty is a faint cry in a crashing ocean of information.

Satellite dish in Africa

Satellite dish in Africa

As an organization that walks with the poor and most vulnerable, dealing with staying connected in the far reaches of the world is always a challenge. The communities that need our support lack basic infrastructure that provides clean water, roads and power. Internet connectivity is truly a luxury.

I’m part of the Food for the Hungry (FH) global information technology (IT) team. Our primary focus is getting the information and stories of people from the world’s most remote and vulnerable areas, and spreading that information so that all of God’s children can be heard.

Asia wires

Wires that keep people connected in Asia

Over the past few weeks, our Global IT staff came together to address the challenges we face in making the world a smaller place. I have been amazed at how God has brought together a team of amazing individuals from countries around the world to work together in the fight against poverty. The encouragement we gave each other as we prayed and worked together affirmed in us that there is no reach too far and no challenge we cannot overcome while working for His purpose.

Before joining FH, I often thought about a career change. I longed to find a job where I could impact the lives of people. I wanted to go to work everyday knowing that I somehow made a difference. I didn’t see a connection between IT ending poverty. Now I do. I am blessed to be part of a team of incredible individuals that make technology work to connect the world to the voice of poverty.

About Karen Randau

A native of the southwestern U.S., Karen uses her blog posts to put into action her passion for helping people be all that God intended them to be. She is able to do this through her role in the Food for the Hungry communications department of the Global Service Center in Phoenix in two ways. First, she helps people understand the plight faced by impoverished people in developing nations. Second, she brings light to the successful ways Food for the Hungry is helping people.