When the light comes on

Penticost FestivalAs I am writing this blog, I am on a trans atlantic flight to London. This weekend at Food for the Hungry (FH), we are launching a new endeavor with the Pentecost Festival as the  lead sponsor for this event.

The Pentecost Festival is a gathering each year in London to celebrate the birthday of the Church, Pentecost Sunday. This Saturday, over 2,000 people will gather first in Parliament Square for a prayer gathering led by the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres along with our Board Member, Lord Paul Boateng. This event represents the launch of new efforts by Food for the Hungry in the UK.

At the festival, Food for the Hungry will invite participants to join as child sponsors to impact the lives of the most vulnerable children through our work in over 20 different countries.

Tim Smith with FH Sponsored Children in Guatemala

Tim Smith with FH Sponsored Children in Guatemala

As we prepare for this event, I am reminded of the beginnings of great efforts through the engagement of donors to our work around the world. It is a combined effort through partners like the Pentecost Festival, our field work around the world and our marketing team. We have the chance to end poverty in our lifetime through these types of efforts. It has been my privilege to spend the majority of my life around generous donors.

There is something special about that moment when a person realizes they can make a difference in the life or lives of the poor. I love to be standing there when the light comes on… when the donor picks up that packet… when they see the face of a child whose life they can change… It is a rush to watch it all come together.

This Saturday will be a day like the experience I just described. The Pentecost Festival has set the stage, our marketing team has prepared the opportunity, our field staff have identified the children most in need of sponsorship. Now it just takes the donors to respond generously. I know we will see several hundred children sponsored. I hope I can stand close enough to watch the light come on!

What’s great is you don’t have to wait for an event like this.  You can sponsor a child right here. I hope you will pray for this great festival and for the many children who will benefit as a result of our efforts. With our joint efforts we can end poverty. Let’s do it together.

Watch a video about what excites Lord Paul Boateng about FH.

About Tim Smith

Tim Smith has more than 35 years of experience with non-profit organizations in administration, management and fund development. Smith has advised numerous NPO's in leadership, organization and major funding development. He is widely recognized as a leading authority in these fields. His book, "Donors Are People Too" is required reading for many NPO's committed to a ministry-based philosophy when developing a major funding program.Currently, he serves as Chief Development Officer for Food for the Hungry in Phoenix, Ariz.