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Today’s lesson: Praying for the most vulnerable

Verse of the day: Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours (Mark 11:24, ESV).

This week, we’ve learned a lot about helping people both within our communities and around the world. Now, we understand that poverty is the result of broken relationships. With that knowledge, we can look to God for ways to help repair what’s not working. We know, too, that God wants us to be cheerful givers.  When we give, we can help people make their communities healthy and strong, whether by teaching them about hygiene or creating systems to provide clean water. In the end, though, we must always remember that helping people is an opportunity given to us by God. He will provide with us as we keep compassion in our hearts and work toward building relationships in our church, community and world.

There is one more thing that you can do to help those in need and to give a little bit more. You can pray. In praying, you open your heart to God to receive the compassion that He has for us, so that you can become a cheerful giver. You can pray to Jesus for the strength to make sacrifices large and small, so that you can happily contribute your own resources to the people who need them.

And of course, you can simply pray for those in need, whether they are experiencing physical or spiritual poverty. You can pray for God to give them strength to handle the difficulties of their own lives with grace. You can ask God to help them accept and cherish the gifts that He gives.

When we pray and act together, we can help people all around the world. We hope that you’ll join us!

Will you join us and sponsor a child?

Sponsoring a child not only impacts her life, but also her family and community. Sponsorship provides access to education, healthcare and other needs.

Today’s prayer: God, thanks for the lessons this week to learn about poverty, compassion and giving. We thank you for the gifts you have given our family, and we pray for families around the world. We thank you for opportunities to change lives and care for the hungry and poor. Please use our gifts and talents to help the hungry to eat and the thirsty to drink. Amen.

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Jeremy Reis is the Director of Digital Marketing for Food for the Hungry. He is the husband to Jennica and father of 6. Jeremy writes about how to disciple children into a loving and compassionate world view.

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