What if you had six children and no food?

Can you imagine if you had six children and couldn’t afford to feed them all? What expenses would you cut back on? Would you decide to provide for some children and not the others?

For many of us, if we faced this dire situation, we might survive by buying cheaper groceries, canceling our cable service, or not running the air conditioner as often.

Tadelech and four of her children sit outside their home.

Tadelech and four of her children sit outside their home.

For Tadelech, a widow in Ethiopia, her choice to survive meant her children couldn’t go to school. She couldn’t afford to pay school fees or supplies – so her children stayed home. It also meant she made the heartbreaking decision to give up one of her sons, leaving him to live with Tadelech’s sister.

In the past five years since her husband died, Tadelech tried to earn an income for her family by farming and selling the crops. But the recent drought in Ethiopia left her with a meager harvest with not enough food to meet her family’s needs. Tadelech thought she might have to leave her children in order to search for work and food  – until Food for the Hungry stepped in to help.

Through an emergency food aid program, Tadelech and her children began to receive monthly food rations from FH.  Now, Tadelech and each of her children eat three meals a day!

In response to the aid her family received, Tadelech said:

“I have no words to express my gratitude to FH/Ethiopia, and it’s funders. We now have something to eat and our lives are saved at least until now. Had this food not been here, imagine how difficult my life here would have been.”

By sponsoring a child with Food for the Hungry, you can help to keep children like these fed and in school. Child sponsorship benefits not only one child, but that child’s family and community, too. We work in villages like Tadelech’s, to help provide nutritious food, training on more effective farming methods, access to better education, and so much more. Your sponsorship could make all the difference to a widowed mother like Tadelech and her struggling children.

To learn more about the work we do, watch this video below.

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