Child sponsorship: Teen pursues higher education

In Bogra City, a bustling metropolis in Bangladesh, most of the population practices Islam. Segmented in the larger population, smaller communities are set apart and house the lowest caste of the Hindu population, called “untouchables.”

One such community is called Horijon.

In this walled community of narrow, dirty walkways – a boy name Chad is doing something remarkable. He’s overcoming his poverty by pursuing higher education.

He just tested into the eleventh and twelfth grade with high marks, placing him on the path to attending a university. Child sponsorship was one of the reasons for his success.

Future set in stone

Food for the Hungry (FH) staff started working in his community to help boost hygiene, education and income for families. At that time, Chad worked alongside his parents as a cleaner.

The conditions at work and home fed infections and disease. Chad attended school once a month. He saw his future as a cleaner, as a way to live out his caste.

However, after talking with FH staff, he realized he could do more good with an education. His parents believed that an education would also benefit their son.

So Chad’s school attendance went from once a month to five times a week. Chad started attending an FH coaching class and caught up on his studies. He learned how to act in school and about different subjects. Now, he’s an “A” student.

Hopeful prospects

While Chad is successful in school – his vision for life is bigger. Through a class created especially for teenagers, Chad learned moral values that changed his perspective.

“I am very grateful to FH and that FH staff have shown me the right way,” says Chad. “I have received much assistance from FH, which helped me to continue my studies.

“From the adolescent class,” Chad continued, “I learned about moral values that help me to understand why it is important to be educated, and why it’s important to help others. So, I would say that FH not only helped me to continue my studies, but also helped me to become a good human being.”

Chad plans to pursue his education to learn skills to help his community. His child sponsor probably didn’t know that investing in this child would create more positive change for the upcoming generations.

This is just one example of how you are making a difference in the lives of children in Bangladesh and other countries around the world. Be a part of helping upcoming generations learn skills to end poverty in their lives.

About Renee Targos

Renee is a former journalist and editor for national arts and business publications. As a writer for Food for the Hungry, Renee explores and reports on the work and relationships of partners, FH staff and impoverished communities.

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