#FHbloggers share stories after their second day in Guatemala!

The FH bloggers have now been in Guatemala for a couple of days and have so much to share with us already! After a long travel day they experienced the new sights and sounds of the beautiful country of Guatemala and woke up the next day to spend time in FH communities. Here are some snippets from their posts after these experiences.
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 Allison Vesterfelt

I guess my point in saying all of this is that my time in Guatemala, and my participation with Food for the Hungry, feels more gratifying than any “mission” trip I’ve taken in the past. Because my attitude has changed. It isn’t about saving people, or about a circumstance that makes me feel guilty for how I live back home.

It’s about creating a genuine connection with the people in the community here. Me sharing what I have with them, and them sharing what they have with me.

It doesn’t feel like charity. It feels like friendship.

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 Raechel Myers

Our time together was sweet. Our prayer for their family was a thanks for God’s presence and His attention to each one of us. Elena and I live in different worlds, but for an afternoon, we got to talk about marriage and childbirth and chickens strutting around in the kitchen and husbands finding work where they can.

What I expected to be the most exhausting was by far the most life-giving.

And in that 2-room home on the side of a mountain in Guatemala today, The Lord taught me one marvelous truth. I learned that He leaves precious gifts and insights on the sides of mountains at the end of long days with a double language barrier. He meets us there.

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Sarah Matheny (Peas and Thank You)

When I ask her how I can pray for her and her family, she again wells up with tears and her voice quivers.

She graciously asks for prayers for her husband, who spends a month at a time away from his young family as he labors in another village.

She asks that we pray for her parents’ health, and as she does so, a shy elderly man pokes his head from around a piece of fabric curtain, smiling and waving.  The cloth is hung between the room we are sitting in the smaller room behind it, a room that contains a small bed made of crates and blankets for this mother and daughter and the open fire pit on which she prepares meals.

She dreams of having a Bible, printed in her native dialect of Q’eqchi’.

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 Michelle Sarabia

This is the fourth time I have typed and deleted.

The words I want to write are so many yet there seems to be this rule that we ought not to write it all down but only in bits and pieces.  But how do you keep things to a minimum when your heart is so full?

Full of men and women from this small community called Seoguis. Full of young girls and boys where we learned that most families in this community average 7.2 children per household.  That there are 80 moms’ in this small village with all different smiles yet their eyes tell their stories.

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 Darrell Vesterfelt

We visited the president of the community and his wife (Domingo and Maria), and heard their stories about life and their partnership with FH. As I listened to them talk about meeting, getting married, having kids, and struggling to make ends meet, all I could think was about how similar their struggles are to mine, despite the huge gap in practical circumstances….

Part of me feels like the time we spent together was the most valuable exchange we’ve shared, despite our monthly sponsorship.

To me, this is the power of storytelling, and the reason I’m so grateful to be partnering with an organization like Food for the Hungry to participate in what is happening in this community. Especially after visiting, it feels like I’m giving something so much more valuable than just $35 each month.

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