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Blog post by FH blogger Raechel Myers

Today was among the longest, most fascinating, exhausting and surprising days of my life. I knew to expect this, but wow, living it is something I will never forget.

We spent the day in a village called Seoguis (say-OH-geese) and saw a lot of neat, first-hand progress being made by Food for the Hungry (FH). Women had formed savings groups, growth promotion and monitoring checks for children under 5, and an agriculture group with a community garden. It was fascinating to see what progress FH has encouraged in just a little over a year in the community – and only five months since forming organizing the groups.

One of the greatest struggles in Seoguis, and in Guatemala as a whole, is chronic malnutrition. This is different from a lack of available food and is more caused by a lack of nutrition education for mothers, as well as  unclean water.

Photo by Jessica Taylor

This causes severely stunted growth and brain development. In Guatemala as a whole, the rate of chronic malnutrition is 54 percent, and in the community of Seoguis more than 70 percent of children suffer.

This is where the growth promotion and monitoring groups aim to catch these problems at the earliest age possible. And any mothers whose children are underweight or under height are referred to the agriculture group to work in the test garden (where they are constantly trying different vegetables to see what will grow in this climate and at this elevation), and as each new harvest comes in, FH teaches the women how to cook with and serve the nutritious vegetables to their families.

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