Journey to Guatemala: A chance encounter

Blog post by FH blogger Sarah Matheny

Photo by Jessica Taylor

A few months ago, I read the story of a woman who, by some stroke of luck (or perhaps even the hand of God) had held onto a photograph of herself in Disneyland as a child, which miraculously, in a stroller in the background, pictured her husband.  Two decades later, when the couple married, the husband happened upon the photo, realizing, “Hey, that’s me!”

Since we’ve arrived in Guatemala, we’ve been counting down the days until we got to meet our sponsor child, Olga.  We’ve studied her sweet face.  We’ve memorized her birthday of May 20.  We’ve laughed over her love of dolls and chore of washing dishes, similar to the tastes and distastes of our own sweet girls.  We’ve written her a letter saying hello, and telling her how excited we were to meet her.

We’ve prayed for her and loved her.

We knew we would meet Olga on Wednesday, when we will travel to her village and share some special time together.  What we didn’t know was that on Monday, we were already in her village.

After leaving the village, we learned that Olga lives in Seoguis.  We spent all Monday, day and night in there.  In fact, we visited the grade school, where Chris and I wandered by chance into the first grade classroom.  A classroom where we later, desks cleared and sleeping bags laid down, spent the night.

When we visited the classroom Monday, we were treated to a performance by the adorable children.  Fortunately, it was captured on video.

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